The Cliff House Team

Odell Bullington (Owner/ Gem Dealer)


Odell has owned the Cliff House Lodge since 2006. On his way to see a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, he saw a sign that read "Hot Tub Cottages"  and was immediately drawn to the energy of the Cliff House. Hailing from North Carolina, Odell has had a great interest in gems and minerals, art, and spirituality for many years. 

Saif Alshemarri (General Manager/ Event Planner)


Born & raised in Maine, Saif went on a road trip headed to the west coast. He stopped to lend a helping hand to the Cliff House, and ended up falling in love with the business and it's location. Outside of being in love with foxes and the music scene, a couple of his hobbies include skateboarding, music festivals, puzzles, and flow-arts.

Kat Williamson (Assistant Manager/ Event Planner)


Kat is an east coast transplant and graduate of MSU's Hospitality program in Denver. Being an avid snowboarder, outdoor-adventure seeker and music lover, she quickly found her second home in this state. If she is not out with her dog you may find her behind the scenes here at the lodge or helping with local festivals!   

Michelle "Mel" McNierney (Yoga Instructor)


Mel, a Colorado native, is the Cliff House's main yoga teacher! She is patient and can teach anyone, and has been since 2016. She loves hiking, paddle boarding, and doing anything outside. She also loves dogs, music, and the amazing little town of Morrison. She teaches gentle yoga that helps release stress and anxiety. Check out our calendar to drop by one of her classes!

David Lochhead (Aquarius Hot Tubs)


David is the founder of Aquarius Hot Tubs. He has been in the hot tub business for 26 years! David stops by the Cliff House regularly to clean, drain, and provide routine maintenance to make sure all the tubs are hot and ready for you to use!